08 August 2010

Flowers of the Eastern Cape #13 - Less than perfect

The countryside is alive with gazania krebsianas at the moment. This one might not be perfect, but is still a beauty.


Susanne49 said...

Hi Max-e, very nice to see you again on my blog. I have not been visiting on yours also since long time, sorry for that! I just have no more the time to visit all my 380 followers, every day! I hope you understand :))

Thanks for your kind comment. Yes, it's overwhelming to see a manatee. I think the same great feelings as to see a whale in your waters, down there at the Cape in SA.

I wish I could see one!

Your flower photo is beautiful!! No worries please about your shots!!! They are great! You are maybe on a "point of change" in your mind. That's o.k.! People are changing and developing and so is also their photography! That's a good thing and hang on that, experiment with colors and light. Light is everything in Photography!

Nice to reconnect with you again, Max.



Naquillity said...

hello Max~ what a beautiful flower. love that one wavy petal that seems to be finding its own way. have a great day.

Melanie Rawlings said...

That one petal is a wonder. What a pretty flower. In the US its similar to the daisy.

Titania said...

The yellow Gazania is pure pleasure. The nicest when they are growing in natures wild garden. I grew Gazanias when we had a dry spell, but now generally summers are to humid and it takes its toll on these gorgeous plants. When el Nino comes back I can plant them again.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Gorgeous flower! Beautiful color!

EG Wow said...

Do these gazanias open in the the sun and close when it's overcast like the ones some of us plant in our gardens here in Canada? Sure looks familiar but it might be a different variety. The imperfection does not spoil this lovely blossom.

Judy said...

I am starting to think that perfect flowers are overrated - like perfect people. The more interesting ones have their own little quirks!