22 August 2010

la Vela is nice and so are the muffins

Breakfast at la Vela restaurant was good this morning and entertaining, when this Red-winged Starling decided to share someone's breakfast muffins.


Naquillity said...

that's one incredible shot. i'm sure that was a sight to see... a starling in a restaurant. hopefully the person got to eat most of their breakfast before the bird so aptly decided to visit. hope you've had a great weekend.

Avril said...

Great photo! Caught with jam/fruit on his beak!
Your flower photos are lovely - do you use a tripod .. I should but never do!

Max-e said...

Hi Avril, I generally don't use a tripod, but must become more disciplines. The pincushion and parachute daisey were hand held shots. The parachute daisey was taken at a bad time. The sun was already to bright and the wind was blowing up a storm. It was shot at 400th sec to eliminate the movement, which meant compromising on depth of field. All very tricky.