26 August 2011


My announcement that I was going to bungee jump was met with mixed reaction, from total horror, to "I wish it was me." In spite of all my bluster and bravado I was not sure that I would do, or could do it - not that I was about to tell anyone that little secret.
And when I got there, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy I nearly chickened out. Iit was only my pride that kept me going. How does one describe the emotions – trepidation while waiting for your turn,

worry as you are helped to the edge, you can't run away, as your ankles are tied together,

terror as you are launched into the abyss

and then pure joy

 the thrill of the jump as you plummet ......... a long, long way down

 relief as you are hauled up

and then a grin like the Cheshire cat.

Face Adrenalin really did us proud. Will I do it again? I think I could.


Cara said...


suzi-k said...

fab series of pix. I am glad I got to go onto the bridge when Hananja did her jump, so I can also feel the vibe as I look at these pix, the loud dance music and big screens so you can see the other jumpers, the slick professionalism that makes it festive and reassuring while you still feel the strong emotions of the jumpers... well done.

Karen said...

"can't run away because your ankles are tied together" --- lol lol lol. Great series of photos. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Firefly said...

Better you than me. You are much braver than I would have been. Well done. An Awesome series of photos

rapunzel said...

Wow!!! I could never do that. Great job, love the pics!!

katney said...

Better you than me...