31 August 2011

Mini vs Maxi Tour - Bonus

When the team was walking over to the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours offices, "Chrome & Fin City" caught my eye and I resolved it was a place to a visit after the tour. I would never have expected to find a collection of Cadillacs in Storms River.

Aside from the cars, the Cadillac Shack is decked out with pictures of Elvis and his music  plays constantly in the background, a reminder that the the king of rock and roll was partial to "Caddies".

I am not sure which model this one is, but judging from the number plate it dates back to 1959.

The Cadillac Eldorado is big and brash and flashy - no wonder they were so popular. One of these could have made an ideal MAXI team vehicle - I would even have been prepared to drive around in the pink one.

 The fins were such a hall mark of the cars of that era. It gives them a sculptured look.

Aint it cool.................. it is a real work of art, but they would probably not fit in the parking bays of today.


Firefly said...

The Cadillac Shack is one of those discoveries that you would never expect in a place like Storms River. I hear there is a restaurant there now as well.

Susanne49 said...

It reminded me very much on the good old "Route66" days. Great shots!!