30 August 2011

Mini vs Maxi Tour - The Khologha Forest

Just on the out-skirts of Stutterheim is the Manderson Hotel, a real gem with well appointed rooms and a friendly atmosphere.

My room for the night looked out over the gardens and the Amathole Mountains.

The hotel has magnificent views of the Khologha Forest and the Amathole Mountains. It is an ideal place to stop over if you enjoy hiking and want to tackle some interesting forest walks.

The walks through, the  Khologha Forest, start a short distance from the hotel and you can choose the length of you walk depending on you level of fitness and dare I say laziness. The long walk is 17 kilometres. If you don't have a map, you can always check the distances and routes at the interpretive centre.

Just remember to obey the signs if you are picnicing and are going to braai.

The parth are well signposted - don't you like the innovative direction signs.

One of the things that struck me about this wooden walkway, which goes a short distance into the forest, is that it makes it possible for people with disabilities to enjoy the beauty of the forest.

One of the many waterfalls that cascade down the mountains along the hiking trail.

All too soon the walk was over.... and the adventure was over.........and it was time to go home .....and to part company with the trusty Amarok.

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Firefly said...

I've never been to Stutterheim before. Never really knew what to expect of the area, but clearly its well worth the visit.