25 August 2011

Mini vs Maxi Tour - legendary hamburger

It has been a long day. The drive to East London was most enjoyable as I was treated to a magificent sunrise. They are always good for getting the day started.

Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve hosted the launch of the Mini vs MAXI tour. It is a great venue and the hosts have a wonderful sense of humour. At lunch we were offered a choice of a mini or maxi burger. I, along with a few others allowed myself to be "conned" into the MAXI burger. How could I have been so blind.

Every Wednesday they have burger night. The deal is that if you can eat two of these in the space of an hour, you will be rewarded with 24 cases of beer.

In twelve years on three people have managed it. I am not surprised. I couldn't manage half.

The Maxi team drove back to Cape St Francis this evening and will be starting with the action tomorrow.


orvokki said...

Hah hah .. very funny burger.

Must have a strong desire some people to get a beer, if that kind of Burger's trying to eat.

Nice foto.
And the evening is beautifull.

Greeting from Finland.

Firefly said...

I waved the white flag long before I could finish mine