16 August 2011

Mini vs Maxi Tour

I feel really privileged - and excited - to have been invited to be part of the Mini vs Maxi tour, which starts on 25 August.

The tour is brilliant initiative, launched by the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency, to promote tourism in the Eastern Cape, during Tourism Month and if it goes well it will become a regular event.

The concept is for the two teams to set off on an adventure tour to different parts of the Province, to enjoy two vastly different experiences in the Eastern Cape. I do not know what is in store for us, but I am really looking forward to the trip - not only for the sheer pleasure of touring the Eastern Cape, but being the designated driver of "the maxi" car.

We will be travelling in a VW Polo sedan, "the mini" and a VW Amarok twin cab, "the maxi" - two really superb cars. Can't wait to get behind the wheel - it will make a change from my tired old bakkie (truck. ute, van for those who are not familiar with south African speak).

Watch this space because when we start our journey I will be giving a blow by blow account of our travels and adventures.


Karen (PE) said...

looking forward to the updates! It sounds like a lot of fun.

WJ said...

This sounds very cool and I am looking forward to updates as well!

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Did you get invited because of your name? Sounds like fun! Looking forward to reading about your adventure.

Max-e said...

Hi Katie, the invitation was because of my blog, via Jonker, who runs Port Elizabeth daily photo.

Firefly said...

I can't wait for it to happen. Its going to be an awesome experience.

For those who want to pop into The Firefly Photo Files for updates during the challenge - http://fireflyafrica.blogspot.com

Karen said...

...the "max(i) files" (o: