23 August 2011

Mini vs Maxi Tour - Two days to go

I have never thought of the Eastern Cape as the Adventure Province until now. I have always been content to travel around the province enjoying its beauty, bio-diversity, wildlife and history.
Now that the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency have given me the opportunity to see at first hand the adventure side of the Eastern Cape and get involved in some of the more physical pursuits, I am sure my travels will never be the same again.

Whatever you do in the Eastern Cape, or wherever you travel, you will always find some wonderful gems. I am looking forward to the experience. 
The Arboretum at Hogsback. We may not go there, but this picture shows another facet of the wonderful biodiversity of the Eastern Cape


Firefly said...

I haven't been to Hogsback for 10 years. I have to make a plan to get there again.

suzi-k said...

Jonker, in winter, if you can time it to get snow, it is magical, but my best is autumn, when the leaves are in full colour, it is just stunning, and the dirt road from there to Cathcart is so photogenic it takes hours to get there because of all the photostops along the way, you'll love it!

rapunzel said...


orvokki said...

Really beautifull. Autumn is just coming.

Marmsk said...

How lovely, I never thought of S.A. looking like this.