21 August 2011

Frack Off - the Karoo is our heritage

The announcement by Susan Shabangu Minister of Mineral Resources this week that the moratorium on shale gas prospecting would remain in place at least until the end of February is welcomed but does not provide much comfort. Until there is a total ban on fracking we can never become complacent or be satisfied.

Many of us are wondering where this road is taking us ........

The foothills of the Winterhoek Mountains, near Klipplaat, travelling towards the Cockscomb Mountain, which is shrouded in clouds

....and if fracking is allowed what will it do to the delicate fabric of the Karoo.............

Somewhere near Mt Stewart, between Steytlerville and Jansenville.

......will the oil companies only be satisfied when this vista is polluted and littered with fracking sites....we have alreay been faced with many of their lies and promises that will never be fulfilled......

The unspoilt Karoo, between Steynsburg and Hofmeyer

.........and where is the water going to come from for the fracking process and what will all the chemicals do to the supply of ground water?

Somewhere near Klipplaat



Anonymous said...

we travel this way to go grocery shopping thank you for your anti fracking site we really need to stop this coming into this beautiul untouched area

Firefly said...

I have stopped supporting Shell garages when the whole fracking thing came on the cards. I know me withholding business from them is a drop in the bucket, but I refuse to continue to support Shell as long as they are a threat to the Karoo.