28 October 2007

Edens' Touch

Morning walk at Eden's Touch near Harkerville shows some of the beauty of the Southern Cape. Known as the Garden Route there is always a show of colour, depending on the time of the year.

The path leading down to the forest through the heather and other indigenous plants.

The entrance to the forest. These forests were once plundered for their timber, mainly Yellow Wood and Stinkwood. There are now very strict controls over the harvesting of timber

Mountain stream. The water has a brownish colour from the vegetable matter.

View across the valley, with some exotic pine trees in the foreground


Kerri said...

This looks like a beautiful place!

Anna said...

I agree with kerri, and the place I would like to visit also. Anna :)

Max-e said...

This is an amazing place, a short distance off the main road, with 65,000 hectares of forest to explore