28 October 2007

Farewells and celebrations

Well it has been a weekend of mixed emotions first saying goodbye to my son and daughter-in-law, as he returns to pursue his career as an airline pilot in North Africa and then driving down the garden route to celebrate great grandpa's 80th birthday in the Knysna forest.

The farewells also meant saying goodbye to little Amelia, who arrived on 13 September and who we are just getting to know. Ok, I am totally besotted and know when I see her again I will be a push-over, but that is what being a grandpa is all about.

The family smiling broadly at the dinner table waiting for the camera's self-timer to go off. It turned out to be a memorable evening filled with lots of fun and laughter.


Jenty said...

She's beautiful! No wonder you're besotted :). I'm sure it wasn't easy to say goodbye, I wish your son all the best up north.

mrsnesbitt said...

Self timer eh? Don't you just love it! I rarely look conscious, let alone of average intelligence! LOL!

Anna said...

Amelia is very cute, too bad she is leaving. Anna :)