18 October 2007

Go Bokke

For the unenlightened South Africa and England have made it to the finals of the Rugby World Cup and we can expect a great battle on Saturday, 20 October 2007.

National pride is again at stake and after the 30-0 defeat at the last encounter, England will be sure to fight back with great vigour. As one commentator said, the English only stop fighting when they are dead - the Lions are alive and well and set to redeem themselves.

But the Bokke are firing on all cylinders and more than willing and able to show the Lions what they are made of.........again.

Time to nail my colours to the mast.................Go Bokke!


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Don't get your hopes up too high (wink)!

Max-e said...

When you are supporting the winning team you can't help it :)

Moi said...

haha....since its not my country playing, i'll support yours :D
Go Bokke , i say :)

Max-e said...

Hi Moi
Thanks for stopping in and your support for our "national pride"

Anna said...

Oh he looks so cute and mature, lol. Hope it goes well in rugby. Anna :)