07 October 2007

Fine Art

Life is not all about adventures in the wild and fishing trips. I also indulge in the more cultural aspects of life as well, like going to the opening of this art exhibition with Sue on Friday night at EPSAC.

The Eastern Province Society of Arts and Crafts is situated in a historical building in Central, Port Elizabeth. Its 90th Anniversary will be celebrated next year with some exciting and relevant exhibitions already planned.

The artist whose exhibition was due to open on Friday evening flew in from an overseas trip and decided she was too tired and jet lagged to hang the exhibition. A call went out to some of the local artists to step in at the last minute and I think the result turned out to be a very succesful joint exhibition.

This abstract, "Wise men came from the East" was painted by my favourite artist. My home is full of her work, in different stages of completion. Sue gave up her interior design business earlier this year after much soul searching, to be a full time artist and has been doing some fantastic work.

The painting below called, "In war no one wins", is part of a series on the futility of war.

As explaned by Sue " This is a theme I have been exploring for a while, basically on the surface they are black and white abstracts, with red poppies. But if one cares to look deeper, there is a statement there about good versus evil and the chaos and futility of war, leading to such pointless loss of lives, symbolised by the poppies used to commemorate Flanders".
(My Wednesday ABC theme this week will also cover this subject)

See more of her work at arty-farty-musings

These paintings were done by Esme Goosen. Until recently she was an art teacher and has also become a full time artist. She has a distinctive style and a brilliant use of colour.

This is a striking work in mixed media by Bev de Lange. I cannot remember the title, but it struck me as being a statement on global warming.


mrsnesbitt said...

We visited the Tate Modern last year......I must admit some of the exhibits seemed rather obscure!

I love art exhibitions, we will be going to one shortly, of Andrew Hutchinson he paints local wildlife, fantastic stuff!

Cheesy said...

Oh that top one ~Wise Men~ would make a lovely fabric! I'd wear that....

Max-e said...

Hi Denise
I was vehemently anti abstracts for a while, but they are growing on me and I find that I am gravitating more and more in that direction.
I still wrestle with the concept of what is art and what is not.
I know what I like - very much like wine tasting in my drinking days - rather give me a beer.

Max-e said...

I can just see it Cheesy. With your red hair it would make a purdy picture

Suzi-k said...

well I've got to hand it to you babe, you certainly are versatile, going to art galleries one night and puking in the sea the following day.... a well rounded individual!

Max-e said...

You are a "wicked" woman Suzi-k. with you experience in these matters I would have expected much sympathy :)