19 October 2007

How ordinary is this - remarkably so?

I felt really "mean" photographing this sign earlier this afternoon, but could not resist the impulse.
It amused when I first spotted it in the window of a suburban nail bar (salon) about five years ago.....and it still does.

The place must be a veritable gold mine, because it is always full of customers having their nails done. I wonder if it's because of the logo or in spite of the logo?


Anna said...

When I first saw your photo, I thaught it was for women to have their nails done, lol. Anna :)

photowannabe said...

Is the salon just for the extra/leftover ordinary people? LOL
Never heard it called a nail bar before.

karoline said...

lol the odd of the women being spiteful are probably about the same as women being vain.. hah!


Max-e said...

That one always raises a smile Karoline. Maybe I should pop in one day and tell them how to spell "extraordinary".