06 October 2007

Been fishing ... well kind of

For my birthday Ian and Cursty treated me to a deep sea fishing trip. It took a few weeks to get going, but today was the day. Of course my first question was, "Why have I not done this before, in the 29 years we have lived in Port Elizabeth". The answer to that question came about an hour later.
First question or should I rather make that a statement, asked by Steve the skipper was, "Do you get sea sick, because if you do there is no turning back". No problem Ian and I never get car sick or air sick, so that should not be a problem.

Waiting for a ship to enter the harbour, before we could leave

With twin 250 hp Evinrude motors propelling us through the sea at an exhilerating speed it did not take long to get to the fishing ground off Cape Receife.

Whenever I have watched the small fishing boats off shore I have never given it a thought. My way of doing it would be to go out and drop a line. Not these guys. They know exactly where they are going - it is all plotted on a GPS and with the depth finder they know the depth of the reef and the type of fish they will catch there.

This humpbacked whale was spotted at our first stop - I was immediately distracted from the fishing. In June they were rounding Cape Receife at a rate of 20 per day heading for their breeding grounds. Unfortunately I was not able to photograph the seals and penguins we saw. It was probably heading back to the Antarctic waters and did not give much of a display, so I reluctantly joined the fishermen.

Heine got the first catch of the day, a Red Roman. South Africa has strict legislation regulating the number and size of the fish that may be kept. My first and only catch a few minutes later was also a Red Roman, but as it was undersized I threw it back. There was a good reason why I caught no more fish

Heine with his fish and Ian getting baited up.

Ian with his first catch

I learnt something about fishing boats today - when they are speeding through the water they are great. When you stop and drop your anchor in a 3 metre swell the dynamics change. The forward motion ceases and now it rocks in at least four different directions at once - my system does not like that treatment. It did not take long for me to lose my breakfast. That was the end of my fishing for the day. I spent most of the day stretched out on a mattress in the front cabin - only getting up when there was forward motion.

Steve the skipper was quick of the mark with my camera catching me feeding the fishes.

By the way the boats name is .............

Not very apt. Believe you me there is no negotiation out there. The guys are there to fish, they are serious about it and while they are sympathetic, there is no turning back. The bed was comfortable though.

In case you have ever wondered about such mundane matters as how some South African fishermen keep their beers cool, which I am sure you haven't, let me enlighten you. If that doesn't get them puking, nothing will. I am obviously in a different league. (In case you are wondering that is the bait box)

One of many Antarctic Skuas following the boat waiting for a hand out. I may not have been able to wield a fishing rod, but was still handy with the camera.

The return trip was great I had recovered by then enough to eat some late lunch and join in the banter. I was then asked to take over the controls and steer to the harbour, while the rest of the guys cleaned their fish. I might not have caught any more fish, but I certainly enjoyed my stint at the controls.

This is why it is a good idea to let everyone else catch the fish

Oh land sweet land............back on terra firma at last.

The last question, (definitely not a statement) thrown at me was, "Will you be joining us again sometime?"

I smiled and said that after today I did not think it was a good idea.

I now know why I have never been deep sea fishing before and why I will probably not do it again. Instead I will content myself with fishing from river banks and the sea shore in future.


Jenty said...

Great place to store beer if you like the smell of fish! LOL!

The Letter A said...

I have always wanted to go deep sea fishing, although we have nothing in the way of deep seas out here on the prairies. I guess I will just have to stick to the lakes for now. :-)

Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day and commenting. Yes, I do get to see the geese migration. It is quite neat and I hope to get a decent photo of it soon.

Take care.

Christine said...

Like everyone else, you are going to forget and go back. It is like women and child birth. The see will call to you.

Anna said...

Nice post, Max-e I am scarred of big water bodies, I am definitely a land person, lol. However, sounds like great adventure. Anna :)

Max-e said...

Hi Jenty
The drill is remove it rinse it in sea water and start drinking - yuck!

Max-e said...

Hi The Letter A
Thanks for stopping in.
Just one word of advice to land lubbers - go for a short jaunt into the sea when the is a reasonable swell and stop the boat so that it can wallow. I it is going to hit you that is when it will happen.
If it does you can head back for land, otherwise be prepared to endure a day of torture

Max-e said...

Hi Christine
You may be right, but I was pretty miserable.
This has never happened to me before - I can read in cars I have been tossed about in aeroplanes without any side effects - nothing prepares you for this

Max-e said...

Anna you have a point there - I think I will be sticking to the land in future, unless it is for a joy ride

Cheesy said...

First off happy birthday! My hubby loved to fish but like you... found out late in life deep sea was not for him... Welcome to the Chummers Club!

Max-e said...

The more I think of it the more determined I am not to renew my membership of the chummers club.

All night and most of today I had the sensation of still being at sea.

Suzi-k said...

after all these years of being the butt of family jokes because I puke at the drop of a hat, I must confess my sympathy was tempered by a certain sense of poetic justice....he he

Max-e said...

Guess what, I think I may just book us on a deep sea fishing trip. On the other hand the stereo chummer's may not go down too well

karoline said...

oh my, i felt my stomach turn just reading about the swells and rocking...perhaps i am not a deep sea candidate...


Max-e said...

Hi Karoline
I have decided not to be such a wimp and am going back - what's the worst that can happen - another misearble day at sea.